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Derek Stoner


Derek Stoner retired from the U.S. Army in January of 2022. He served as a Special Forces Green Beret for 20 years wherein he was deployed to the Middle East 16 times. Derek's passion for Country Music stems from his roots growing up in small town America near the little town of Craig, MO. Craig is situated right alongside the Missouri River where Derek spent his childhood hunting, fishing and learning the value of a hard earned dollar on family farms and in the forestry business. His love for Country Music was cultivated through hours of listening to his musical heroes such as Travis Tritt, George Strait, Hank Williams Jr. and many more. Derek bought his first guitar and slowly taught himself to play during downtime while deployed overseas. Prior to leaving the Armed Forces, Derek decided to take the first steps in pursuing a lifelong dream of writing and performing music. He quickly amassed the material required to perform live shows through both original and cover music and began to book live venues near his home in Western KY. Now two years into his music career, Derek has released his first Album, multiple Singles and is currently in studio recording his Sophmore Album titled 'Truth'. Derek played nearly 200 shows in 2022, many of which were as a circuit artist performing at multiple world famous honky-tonks in Nashville, TN. Derek's fan base continues to grow as music lovers of all sorts are attracted to Derek's powerful vocal presence and his ability to fill songs with true emotion.


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