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Nate Turner


Nate Turner is an independent artist originally from Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, a small coastal beach town. Nate grew up singing in church and taught himself to play the guitar when he was about 24 years old. Although he loved to sing he did not pursue it full time for many years. He joined the military and raised his children with his wife, Cindy. In 2015, Nate was diagnosed with throat cancer and spent 10 months with a feeding tube and undergoing chemo and radiation. He beat cancer and is currently in remission but has been left with some side effects. Due to the radiation and chemo he has had limited use of the left side of his tongue and his voice was weakened. Nate fought hard and practiced continuously to regain his ability to sing. In 2021 he started attending open mics to work on his voice and in 2022 he retired from the military after 23 years and decided to pursue music full time. Nate and his wife, Cindy travel across the US so he can perform.

Nate's shows are a mixture of classic country to southern rock along with originals. His ballads show his strong baritone vocals and his more upbeat songs may find him dancing or on top of a chair or table! He definitely has a good time and enjoys himself and the more the crowd loves it the more he loves it!

You can find Nate's first two singles on all the streaming platforms. Just search "You Are Gone" by Nate Turner or “Here I Am” by Nate Turner. His 7 song EP will be released in the Fall of 2023.


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