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The name Tylerhateslife might not instill the most positive image of an artist, but what if you were told that he might just be making the most unique brand of music you've ever heard? ''Yeah sure, everyone says that,'' you say to yourself, but until you take a listen for yourself, you can't truly experience the blend of hip-hop, rock, singer/songwriter, R&B, and dare to say punk elements of Tylerhateslife.

So if his sound is so great, then why does he hate life? He explains:

"I grew up doing whatever it took to find acceptance. It wasn't until my mom passed away in September of 2014 that I started looking at the world through the eyes of, 'Tylerhateslife'. While the name initially looks, sounds, smells, and, tastes like it must have a derogatory connotation – it actually simply presents the idea that I'm not of this world." The name is drawn out of the scripture verse John 12:25.

Another important aspect of his life is in 2017 he joined the U.S. Army and is currently active. He used his downtime during training to learn how to produce using just an iPhone, and eventually added an iPad. You'd never know it and just to think all those layers and well-produced harmonies that make Tyler who he is done in his free time very basically while being a soldier.

Tylerhateslife's music is incredible and his story is inspiring. Click on his name on wherever you listen to music, and just immerse yourself.



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