Salute the sound: Where veterans rock, and dreams take flight

About Us

Veteran Voice Radio (previously Gun Room Radio) is a veteran-run radio station that plays music by veterans and dependents. We help veterans pursue a career in the music industry by giving them a platform to be heard and express themselves. If someone can put their dreams on hold to serve our country and keep us safe, then we should give them a hand in making their dreams a reality.

At Veteran Voice Radio, we're more than just music; we're a platform for the stories that resonate with courage, sacrifice, and camaraderie. Our playlist is a tribute to the diverse journeys of those who've served their countries, now sharing their passion for music with the world.

From anthems of victory to ballads of reflection, our station offers a unique blend of genres, all curated with the spirit of those who've answered the call of duty. Whether it's rock, country, jazz, or blues, each song carries the soulful imprint of our veteran artists. Join us as we honor the bravery of our servicemen and women and their families through the universal language of music. Tune in to Veteran Voice Radio and let the harmonies of our veterans uplift, inspire, and unite us all.