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Looking to get your name in front of thousands of people. You should be focusing on podcasting as the cheapest and the best way to do it. According to market experts the podcasting industry will grow to over 30 billion dollars in 2024 with over 78% of Americans listening to podcasts. Currently 41 % of Americans alone listen to an average of 11 podcasts a week. As podcasting continue to grows so will advertising rates. You want to team up with a podcast that knows the markets and knows how to put your company in front of people. Our podcast is not just a podcast, but a network of methods to get you known. We are apart of a project to help veteran podcasters, we are apart of a program for Veteran Authors that put out a quarterly magazine. We are also one of the only Veteran related podcasts that have a presence on Roku. Do not trust your advertising budget to just anyone trust it with someone that is going to put your advertising budget to work for you.

Audio Podcasts are $20.00 per 1000 listens

Video podcasts on Facebook is $50.00 Per 1000 views

Episodes on Roku is a flat rate of $250.00 a month.

Magazine advertising full color half page $250.00 a year whole page $400.00. 1 year consists of 4 releases.

Radio Advertising $100.00 a month per station. We offer Country, Rock, and mix.

All spots come with your logo on our webpage with a link to your website.

Each month you will receive Certified listening report from a 3rd party collection. All downloads are in compliant with IAB regulations. If you would like to advertise with someone who cares about the quality of your advertisement than fill out the form below.

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