Salute the sound: Where veterans rock, and dreams take flight

August Lows


August Lows is a Southern American Rock-n-Roll band from McMinnville, Tennessee formed in January 2023. The band consists of singer/songwriter Josh Moore, Lead Guitarist John Meadows, Rhythm Guitarist Zach Elliott, Bassist Daniel Sheets, and Drummer David Langford. The band has influence in blues, rock, grunge, and outlaw country with driving guitar and raspy vocals to round them out. August Lows works closely with Johnny Garcia, lead guitarist for Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks. Johnny has produced their songs Fire on the River and Demon in me. He also has produced their songs Cocaine and the Interstate, Depot Bottom Blues, and Put it Down that will be released in early January 2024. August Lows front man Josh Moore, is a United States Army Veteran serving active duty from 2006-2010.


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