Salute the sound: Where veterans rock, and dreams take flight

Jerry Maniscalco


A Mississippi native, Jerry Maniscalco first picked up a guitar at 16 and he has been writing and performing original music ever since. In 2003, he entered the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating in 2007 and entering service as an SH-60B Seahawk pilot. During his time in the Navy--including 3 deployments and a remote tour--he found that music allowed him to unwind and escape. After 10 years of active duty, including 2,600 flight hours, 500+ shipboard landings, and 27 countries, Jerry left active duty to pursue a career in aerospace. Jerry has recorded and released multiple singles and EPs including veteran non-profit organization Operation Encore’s unofficial theme song, “We Are.” Jerry continues to write music and play locally in the Charleston, SC area.


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