Salute the sound: Where veterans rock, and dreams take flight

Winter Grain


This Los Angeles-based duo, Winter Grain, started making music in Salt Lake City in early 2017. They recently played NAMM in Anaheim as well as House of Blues. Out at the Fair picked them to play both Alameda County Fair and California State Fair this summer. Kate's lyrics are often musings of her life as an Army helicopter pilot. In their most recent EP, Secily and Elliott Klein (Sungazer) play guitars that play off each other like a Mark Knopfler jam. Like many creatives, Secily and Kate fell in love and married soon after their debut EP was released. The release was via a laser light show in Clark Planetarium, winning the band City Weekly's Best of Utah award. Grammy Award-winner Ryan Hadlock (Brandi Carlile, The Lumineers) of Bear Creek Studio produced both of Winter Grain's debut and most recent albums. With influences from Joseph, Fleetwood Mac, Jade Bird and Brandi Carlile, this folk-pop band values craft, dynamics and vocal harmonies most.


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